New upgrade of our software available!

We’ve been busy the past couple of weeks, to make sure the software’s able to conqour both trendtrading as well as trading in a range.

The latest update is a build in social media scanner, that looks for the stops and entry’s of professional traders.

But also an added hedging system, to take profits of a trending market.

Currently we’re using our software on Eur/Usd as this has the highest potential and has both type of markets.

The profits are steady between 10-20% on a monthly base, while the floating or open positions remain small.

The goal of our software is to make a steady profit.

In the added picture you’ll find more details about a recentley started account with 10.000 Eur:


The account started on 11-09-2017 and currenctly made a profit of 108 euro or 1.08%


More information about our system can be found on

Or contact us directly at for more detailed information, or questions.


Kind regards,



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