Grow an aditional income with just 200 euro (funds stay under your full control)

To show you that it’s possible to generate an aditional income with a small amount I’ll post regular updates of an account started on 24-04-2017 with an amount of 200 euro.

We developed software that differs (from others) because we use the datamining of social media and some in-house developed indicators.

Because of this, we can buy and sell positions with a higher accuracy.
We have a return between 20 and 40% a month on a very consistent base.

in this detailed statement you’ll see that the software made 58.29 euro in profits  since the start on 24-04-2017 and needed 136 trades to do this:




Your account remains in your control and you can withdraw funds at all time.

These systems where only available for accounts of 10.000 euro and more, but we’ve managed to adjust our settings so it’s compatible with an account of just 200 Euro.

Feel free to contact me at for more information to recieve a step by step guide on how to use our software on your own personal account!


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