Want to make around 30% each month? this is how you can achieve it!

Today’s markets are ruled by automated trading software, these types of software have the potential to bring more profits to your account then manuall trading.

That’s why we at Loop-strategy strive for a continual upgrading of our software in order to stay ahead of today’s markets.

Our software is unique and is build to bring in steady profits in an otherwise fluctuating market

I’l be giving updates of our trading system results, and offer everybody who doesn’t believe the results a chance to follow the process on a live base (I don’t think we can be more transparant than this).

These results are from an account that started it’s journey on 26-12-2016 with 10000 Euro.

Currently the account grew to 19309 Euro an increase of 93.09% in just 3 months

in this picture you’ll be able to find all the details:



The software searches the markets for pairs with the highest profitsfactor towards the lowest risk.

In case you want to follow this on a live base or if you want some more information, send a mail to info@loop-strategy.com and we’ll help you to setup a free demo (in this way you’re able to get comfortable with our tradingstyle before you’re investing your money).

These types of software used to be only available for institutional account (1.000.000 Euro and more) but we made it available for the smaller retail investors.

You can work with our software with a minimum starting capital of 2.500 Euro, these funds are at all times under the control of the client, it’s your money and this has to stay this way.

Kind Regards


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